Domain Registration and Safety Measures. is having a total of 120+ domains registered for our customers. 100 domains are under operation and 20 are under construction. Again 50+ domains are nearly 6 years old. Most of them are awarded top ranks in major search engines like Yahoo, Google etc.,

Safe Domain Registrations

Secured Domain Registration :

A Domain name is your company property because you have paid for it. But your domain should be safetly locked and maintained in a separate control panel. You can either purchase a customer control panel yourself for Rs.1000 or leave it to the safe custody of our super seller control panel. But if you buy your domain name with a reseller who doesn't have invested in a super seller control panel, then he has to trust another super seller, he is buying with. If in any case any person is out of contact, then your domain and entire website is in problem. Youo need to spend a lot of time in proving that it is your domain and recover it back at a very high cost from unknown persons. Or there is a chance to hijack your domain name and destroy your website.

We at have installed separate control panels for customers who pay for it. We are also hosting over 100 domains in our own safe super seller controlo panels. Many companies have got into trouble in booking thier company name to unreliable persons and losing it.

There are two types of domains called Global Domains and Country code domains. Global Top Level Domains are used globally for a long time. For Eg .com (Commerce), .net (Computer Networking Companies), .org (Organisations), .edu (Educational institutions), .gov (Governments) etc., are in use for a very long time.
.biz (Business), .name (Personal websites), .info (information) etc are other common domains.

Due to great demand for Global Domain names, and due to country specific demands, country code Top Level Domains were created to be used by each individual country. .in is country code domain extension for India. (eg.

All domain names should be payed annual renewal charges.

First you have to check whether your preferred domian name is available to you. Please Click here to Check Availability of your Domain name. Check it in best extensions like .com and .in for common business, or as required. You will get a list of available domain names. Then You can register your domain name with us. We take total care to manage and secure your domain ordered with us. We book domains end with .com, .net, .org, .in,,,,,,, .us, .name, .biz & .info at low cost.

The charges to register domains are,

New Booking --- .com, .net, .in, .org,,,,,,, .us, .biz & .info --- Rs. 500 per year each. Transfer --- Rs. 500 each with one year extension Free. Transfer --- Rs. 900 with one year extension Domain Transfer Control panel available with a setup charge.


Check Availability for your Domains

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